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STRATEGY 3 – Provide Support

Reduce risk or enhance protection against Rx abuse and addiction. This includes supporting the creation of alternative activities, mentoring, referrals to services, support groups, youth clubs, parenting groups, Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous. These strategies are designed to stop Rx abuse before it starts, as well as help those in recovery.

Target teens and those who support them, including parents/adult caregivers, teachers, doctors, counselors, coaches and youth services professionals.

Print out this document and check off the strategies that are most relevant to your community.

  • Create and support mentoring peer group initiatives and activities, including Rx abuse recovery programs.
  • Consider creating support groups for youth whose parents abuse drugs or are in recovery from addiction.
  • Support and promote drug-free activities that commemorate the power of living drug-free.
  • Incentivize youth for remaining drug-free by disseminating gift cards, movie tickets and other attractive reward.
  • Establish relationships with treatment programs that address teen Rx abuse, and identify strategies on how to work together, including concrete referral strategies.
  • Collaborate with mentoring and other support groups to present at conferences, health fairs and other community events.
  • Create, post and disseminate regularly-updated support group meeting listings.
  • Collaborate with your community on establishing and supporting the enforcement of 24/7 Rx abuse prevention and referral policies on school campuses, libraries and other locations popular among youth.
  • Encourage youth and health related organizations to write Rx abuse prevention and referral to treatment grants. Provide data and grant writing consultation.
  • Supply a list of Rx abuse prevention, treatment and recovery resources to organizations that can be inserted on their websites and in electronic and paper communications.
  • Collaborate with VA hospitals and clinics to ensure that Rx abuse prevention, treatment and referral services are available for all active and retired members and their families.