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Sample Social Media Posts

Did you know that one in 27 teens has misused over-the-counter (OTC) cough medicine to get high? The first step in preventing misuse is educating yourself. To learn more, follow @StopMedAbuse and head to: #PreventMedMisuse

Have you seen this icon? To learn more about what it means and why it matters, follow @StopMedAbuse and visit #PreventMedMisuse

“Lean” is just one slang term for medicine misuse. Stay on top of ever-evolving slang and OTC cough medicine misuse trends by following @StopMedAbuse. Learn more: #PreventMedMisuse

Studies show that roughly 1 in 4 teenagers knows someone who has abused OTC cough medicine to get high. Follow @StopMedAbuse for more and learn the side effects & warning signs of medicine misuse, here: #PreventMedMisuse


Below are share tools to help you spread the word about National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month this October!

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