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Grassroots Media Kit

Amplify your medicine abuse prevention messages using CADCA’s Grassroots Media Kit. This Kit provides several tools to help you plan and promote your National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month activities. The Kit includes:

A Media Outreach Primer
Provides the basics about media outreach, including tips on how to identify the right reporters, get the media’s attention and make the perfect pitch.

Fact Sheet About Medicine Abuse
Provides an overview about prescription drug abuse and over-the-counter cough medicine abuse.

Media Advisory Template
A template you can use to create a media advisory about your event to send to the media. A media advisory is an abbreviated version of a news release, providing the what, when, who, and where of your event and is meant to give reporters and producers a “heads up” about your event. We recommend sending it 2-5 days before your event.

News Release Template
A template you can use to create a news release about your event. A news release provides more detail about your event and usually includes a quote from the head of your organization and sometimes also quotes from other “VIPs” involved in your event. We recommend sending your news release to the media the day before your event, on the morning of your event, or 2 days before your event.

Sample Op-Ed
A sample opinion editorial (op-ed) that you can use to craft an op-ed for your local newspaper. Op-eds are one of the best ways to disseminate your message through traditional media. Remember to first contact the newspapers you are targeting to confirm the submission protocol. It’s also a good idea to call the editorial page editor to pitch your op-ed. Keep in mind that you may need to submit your op-ed 1-3 months in advance of when you’d like to see it published, given the competition for editorial space.

National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month Widget
A widget you can use to promote National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month on your website and/or blog, in your e-mail signature or on your organization’s Facebook page.